Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes

Construction Value: £1,500,000
Project Type: Prime Residential
Architect: Cruice Goodall Architecture

5 Bed new build house with basement

This property is a highly efficient new build which includes a basement that incorporates a cinema, gym & bar.

The development is heated via an ASHP with a back-up boiler. Cooling is also provided to selected rooms.

The basement is ventilated via an MVHR to provide fresh air.

This property also includes a boosted cold water service located in the plantroom.

Richmond, London


Construction Value: £2,000,000
Project Type: Prime Residential
Project Manager: Richstone Properties

Provision of new Dower House, stables & cottages to existing Manor house close to Richmond park.

Dee Solutions co-ordinated the design of ME&P services in addition to providing energy strategies & EPC certification.

Cottage, Surrey


Construction Value: £1,200,000
Project Type: Prime Residential
Project Manager: Accuro Residential

New build prime residential Cottage in Surrey.

Includes basement & swimming pool utilising high fabric efficiency & air source heat pump.

Ashtead, Surrey


Construction Value: £1,500,000
Project Type: Prime Residential
Project Manager: Accuro Residential

Prime property in Surrey.

Refurbishment & part new build of large prime residential project.

Esher, Surrey


Client name:  Confidential
Construction Value: £4,000,000
Project Type: Mechanical and electrical design advice for a new 1600 m2 luxury home
Architect: Blue Sky CAD
Project Manager: Iconic
Contractor: Iconic

A complex and sensitive building services strategy for this high-end luxury home in the home counties.

This high end residential scheme was a design and build project, whereby Dee Solutions was employed by the client to undertake mechanical and electrical design to RIBA design, stage 4 to allow a detailed tender pricing and final sub-contractor design and installation.

This beautiful home of 1,600 m2, 7 bedrooms, swimming pool, gym and cinema, included boosted hot and cold water, UFH heating, AC comfort cooling, lighting, small power, audio visual and home automatic system to control all systems.

Dee Solutions was also employed to review the sub-contractors detailed design proposals and to attend site to review the installation at the first and second fix, and commissioning stages.

  • Through the use of photovoltaics, energy efficiency and passive energy reduction methods this project reduced its energy by 30% above the baseline energy consumption.

Client testimonial

“Dee Solutions worked as an integral part of our design team, overcoming some significant co-ordination issues, they helped to ensure that the project achieved a high standard of services that were both energy efficient and provided an operational solution.”